Sport Sunday, January 17th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Wasps Rugby

Pump Up Playlist #4: Guy Thompson

Sport Sunday, January 17th

Pump Up Playlist #4: Guy Thompson

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Don’t hit the snooze button. Don’t take the night off. Pump some good ol’ fashioned psyche-up music get out there and get better. And smile.

It’s not easy, but it’s not supposed to be – especially in January. And we’re here to help.

The Herefordshire Live team has grabbed some of the county’s top athletes and instructors and asked for their own Pump Up Playlists.

Everyday we’ll be releasing a selection of hand-picked tracks 

guaranteed to smash through your January blues and have you reaching for your sneakers.


This half-hour of head-nodding, pulse-raising gym anthems comes to you from Wasps rugby player Guy Thompson.

Thompson - who is from Hereford - starred in his side’s agonising, last-minute loss to three-time champions Toulon in last weekend’s European Cup matchup, even scoring what looked to be the winner with just five minutes to go.

Like an adrenaline shot for your ears, this hip-hop-heavy playlist is every bit as powerful as you’d expect from a 115kg behemoth who runs over grown men for a living.



Guy Thompson scores at European champions Toulon on Sunday. Photo by Wasps Rugby.

It might take more than a six-track playlist to start matching Thompson in the gym, but it’s a start.

As usual, parental guidance is suggested as some of the lyrics contain adult content.

Turn up your volume, and enjoy.

You can follow Guy Thompson on Instagram in the run-up to his side’s decisive European Cup clash against former champs Leinster this weekend in Coventry.

For tickets, visit the Wasps website here.

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