Sport Wednesday, March 22nd Words by: Adam Knight

Put The Date In Your Diary: Furlong Fury mud runner around Hereford Racecourse

Sport Wednesday, March 22nd

Put The Date In Your Diary: Furlong Fury mud runner around Hereford Racecourse


What: Furlong Fury 5k obstacle race
Where: Hereford Leisure Centre/ Racecourse
When: July 30


For every runner who has gone un-muddied since Mud Runner packed up and left Eastnor Castle a few years ago, don’t worry, there’s a new trail in town.

And this one is within walking distance of the pub, which helps if you've had to ditch your trainers.

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Happening right slap-bang in the middle of Hereford this summer, Urban Attack are teaming up with HALO to take over the racecourse for Furlong Fury, a mud-splattered obstacle course that swaps the rolling, country estate backdrop synonymous with these kinds of races for the kind of terrain usually reserved for half-tonne thoroughbreds.

As you’d expect, there are a whole host of obstacles (20+) designed to make the 5k course all the more interesting.

From ninja walls to ice baths and The Tsunami, getting around this course will make the racehorse's job look easy. Although, in defence of the horses, you won’t have carry around a small man with a silk helmet and a whip when you do it.


The organisers’ idea is to create an event for first-timers and Saturday Spartans alike, setting runners off in several waves to space out the field.

And if you can grab a few colleagues/five-a-side team-mates/unwitting uncles and aunties you can even enter the team challenge, and ensure you’ve got someone to pull your head out of the mud bath if you start blowing bubbles.

Entry’s open to anyone over 12, and there’s a load of Early Bird, Family and Team discounts currently available on the Furlong Fury site here - if you get in there quick.

As if you needed another reason to dig out that bright orange ‘Dirty Boy’/ ‘Dirty Girl’ tee from two years ago and start training, the whole thing will be raising money for Halo’s foundation, which helps support the best young athletes from around the county break through on the national stage.  

So if you can’t run on the day, you should definitely pop down to check out the Event Village and support those are enduring an al freso ice bath in the name of a good cause. At least you can hold their towel for them.

For all the information on timings, tickets and eveything in between, click here head across to the event's website here.

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