Sport Wednesday, February 17th Words by: Adam Knight

Quick hits: 10 questions with Austrian rugby captain, Luctonians' Max Müller

Sport Wednesday, February 17th

Quick hits: 10 questions with Austrian rugby captain, Luctonians' Max Müller

Two weeks in, the Six Nations has been one of the best in recent memory. But with no action this weekend, people are scrabbling around for their European rugby fix.

Look no further.

We’ve got an exclusive interview with Herefordshire’s own European captain, Maximilian Müller, who leads the Austrian national team when he’s not plying his trade with Herefordshire side Luctonians RFC.




Müller signed with the Kingsland club  – who play in National Two North – last month, having started the season in Wales.

He was tapped up by neighbour, and Lucs’ star half-back Louis Silver, who is in Cardiff at university.

And the hulking Austrian prop is hoping to establish himself as a regular at Mortimer Park before heading home for games against Serbia and Slovenia in March and April in what is effectively the third-tier of European 6 Nations competitions.

 Luctonians are looking to make it four wins from six since Christmas, against Caldy this weekend. Get down to Mortimer Park on Saturday and show your support, kick-off 2.15pm.


Quick hits: Get to know Max Müller 


Name: Maximilian Müller

Age: 25

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria


How did you get into rugby?

After nine years of ice hockey, starting at a quite young age, I just wanted to do something different. I got fed up with the structures and figured I wanted to try something new.

Basically I Googled something like "roughest, toughest team sport in the world", and after doing some research, rugby it was. I was about 15 at that time.

 What’s the game like back home?

 Well, the standard at club level is not very good for various reasons, it's hard to compare it to a level here in the UK,but I guess it would be similar to division 2 in Wales, but the whole environment is so different to the UK. 

Its problems are that it's hardly known, the community is quite small, media coverage is minimal, so we're struggling to make a name of ourselves. That's why player numbers are only rising slowly and there are only four Austrian teams in the highest league, three of them are from Vienna, the fourth from Tirol.

But on the positive side, I think the level overall has improved over the last couple of years, but there's a long way ahead of us.

Do you have to sweep snow off the pitch to play?

It definitely happened, even though the season usually spares the snowy months of the year, but I can recall several occasions where I either played or trained in snow.


What’s your proudest moment on a rugby field?

My first time as a captain for the national team against Denmark last year.

We won that game, even though preparation wasn't brilliant, and we had a lot of guys who played their first test match. A rare gift to an Austrian captain, to win his first game as a skipper!

I am very grateful for that.

How did you end up in Kingsland?

Originally I moved to Cardiff and played several months for a division 1 team, but Louis Silver invited me to a training session with Luctonians a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed that and it was quite different to the rugby that I got to know in Wales, so I decided to stay, and learn as much as possible to take back to Austria.

How often do you train? And what do you bench/squat?

We train rugby twice a week, and I do enjoy gym work quite a lot, so 3-5  times a week usually, depends on how I feel after the game as well and not every session is full on.

I haven't done my 1 rep max in quite a while but as far as I can remember my best bench was 150kg and back-squat at 220 kg, front-squat at 190 kg.

Who has the better post-match food/booze - England, Wales or Austria?

From what I've seen so far and If you compare  the regular league game, I would give England the winning position here, even though, food after a home game with the national team can be quite fancy....and Austrian obviously.

What’s the first thing people say to you when you tell them you’re Austrian?

Depends on the circumstances. In a rugby environment it’s: "Really? I didn't know they have rugby in Austria?! "

In a club, with loud music, it’s usually: "nice brah! How are things Down Under? "

What’s harder, filling cavities or hitting the Lucs scrum machine [Müller is training to be a dentist]?

Scrummaging for my neck and filling cavities for my nerves!


Are there any other sports you play/have played?

Apart from ice hockey, I do quite a bit of Greco-Roman wrestling in the off-season and Olympic weightlifting.

How does British pubs compare to bars back home?

We have quite a few pubs in Vienna, good authentic ones as well, but the people there are mostly from an international background, whereas in Wales and England it seems most pubs are like the second living room for the locals, I admire that a lot. 

If you ever want to meet authentic locals in Vienna you should go to a Beisl or a Heurigen in summer, have food and drink wine.

And finally, who are you supporting in the 6 Nations?

I have to say Wales, because I live in Cardiff and it's home for me. But another reason is that the city is buzzing when Wales is playing, and winning ideally.

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