Sport Wednesday, June 15th Words by: Adam Knight

Quiz: England v Wales - find out who should you REALLY support

Sport Wednesday, June 15th

Quiz: England v Wales - find out who should you REALLY support

Herefordshire is a border county.

It has an English capital with a Welsh mayor, who – thanks to a law penned back when the county was passed between the two like a bikeshed cigarette – you can shoot with a longbow on a Sunday. But only outside the Cathedral. Or something.

While Herefordshire is now quite clearly a bastion of Anglo-Saxonism, there remains among us a quiet minority of leek-eaters. Some are second generation leek-eaters, some are third. Some just really like Tom Jones.

Rob Purdie vs Ryan Green: Hereford FC legends go head to head in Euro 2016 predictions

For many Herefordians - Rainbow Nation that we are - there is no such thing as ‘English’ or ‘Welsh’, just shades of both.

But whenever a major sporting event rolls around, you’re either St George or you’re a Dragon.

In the eight months since Wales qualified for the Euros, I’ve had three childhood friends swearing blind that they’ve always spelled their name ‘Dai’, and showing me the coaldust behind their ears.

So, ahead of the massive clash between the two nations on Thursday, take the quiz below and find out, once and for all, which side you should be supporting.



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