Sport Tuesday, June 15th Words by: Adam Knight

Quiz: Are you allowed to support Wales tonight?

Sport Tuesday, June 15th

Quiz: Are you allowed to support Wales tonight?

So Coleman's done the unthinkable. Wales are in the semi-finals of the Euros and suddenly every Herefordian is buying up Bale shirts and claiming a deep and meaningful Celtic heritage which runs all the way back to that time his Grandma's best friend walked her dog up Sugarloaf.

Regardless, not to say you can't - or you shouldn't - throw every ounce of your support behind one of the best underdog stories since, well, Leicester about a month ago, if you want to find out scientifically* how much of a claim you can lay to this Wales run, take the quick quiz below.


*this is not in any way scientific, but you can still plaster the result all over Facebook.



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