Sport Saturday, May 12th

Where to watch the Hereford marathon

Sport Saturday, May 12th

Where to watch the Hereford marathon

On Sunday hundreds of Herefordians will take their first tentative steps in to marathon running. And then a few more steps. And then many many more until they’ve reached 26.2 miles and picked up a medal for their troubles.

Even experienced runners need support out on the roads as they grind through the miles. And whether you’ve got cousins or colleagues running in Hereford’s second-ever single-loop marathon, seeing a few friendly faces out on the route can make all the difference.


St Michael’s Hospice, who are organising event, have given us a few tips on the best spot to watch the runners on Sunday morning, but we’ll leave the sign-making up to you (although I’m particularly partial to ‘KEEP RUNNING, PAIN IS JUST A FRENCH WORD FOR BREAD’).

The route start and ends in Hereford, with the first runners setting off at 9am, and the presentation ceremony is scheduled for 1.30pm.

And, while you have to sign up ahead of the event to run it, you can sign up on the day to run the half-marathon, 10k and 5k routes – find out more here.

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Best places to watch:

1. Weobley

“After making their way up through Tillington Common and Wormsley, the runners will make their way to the picturesque village of Weobley with vantage points in the village itself, particularly along the Hereford Road as runners approach the High Street.

“There are toilets in the village, too.”

2. Hereford

“Back in Hereford, runners will leave the city and return via Grandstand Road which offers good vantage points on pavements in Westfields.”

3. Finish line

“The Finish Line is on Hereford Racecourse where you can catch a glimpse of all the runners – around 1000 are expected to be running - finishing the four distances that make up RUN Hereford. There's also a winner's enclosure there, where runners can wait and hear their scores announced.”

If you want to find a spot closer to where you live – the full route is below. Just be safe when out on the roads.



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