Sport Sunday, January 17th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Mark Bowen

Why I love exercise #1: Yoga

Sport Sunday, January 17th

Why I love exercise #1: Yoga

Our bodies were designed to move. As humans we were built to run, jump and, in some cases, Zumba.

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There are now more ways than ever to enjoy exercise, and so for Fit Week each day we will be talking to a local fitness expert – from Strongmen to yogis – to find out a bit more about why they love what they do, and why they do what they love.

Hopefully, it might also help you find a new type of exercise that's perfect for you.

Today, we’re kicking things off with Iyengar yoga teacher Jenny-May While who, in the next few months, will be opening the Hereford Yoga Institute.

Big Ten Questions: Yoga

Describe yoga in three words. 

Jenny-May While: Beauty, serenity, wisdom

Best/worst training moment? 

Best - intensives in the South of France: 8 hours a day for 14 days. The effects are accumulative! 

Worst - As above, a few months after having my first baby. I made a rude noise in front of 100 very quiet people. Cringe!

What will the haters say about it? 

I don't know. Yoga is for everyone, but not everyone is for yoga (and you don't know until you've tried!)

Scale of one to 10 – how much do you ache the next day? 

It depends on a lot of things. Keep practicing and you won't ache so much, or you just get used to it.

What can a newbie expect from their first week's training? 

An increased sense of well-being, and better posture.

Why do you keep coming back? 

It's a way of life that offers infinite opportunities for the integration of body, mind and soul.

Any famous faces that train this way? 

So many! Ryan Giggs, Madonna, Sachin Tendulkar, Mick Jagger, Nigella Lawson....

How long have you been doing it? 

15 years

Where can you get involved in Herefordshire? 

Go to or and find a class that suits you.

Anything else? 

Look out for Hereford's first dedicated Yoga Institute, opening at Foley Trading Estate later this year. Plenty of opportunities for people to try yoga for the first time and for dedicated yogis to improve their practice!

Is Herefordshire on the cusp of a yoga revolution? Take a look at our feature here.

Want to book a lesson? Head to

Check in tomorrow for another Big Ten Questions - with NFTO Race Club cyclist and personal trainer Matt Morris.

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