Free outdoor Xmas film screening @ Maylord Orchard, Hereford


Free outdoor Xmas film screening @ Maylord Orchard, Hereford


This week it was announced that the film being shown is...... Polar Express. (A Tom Hanks' animation from 2004, in case, like us, you had to Google it).


Not that we're one to blow our own trumpet, but hosting hundreds of blanket-wrapped Elf fans for an outdoor screening by the river was one of Herefordshire Live's highlights of 2016. 

Unfortunately we're not able to do it again this year - but the good news for al fresco movie fans is that there will be a mystery outdoor screening this year, outside Maylord shopping centre.

It's being organised by Open Air Film and Chill, who are still doing "some final tests" before confirming the event. But here's what we know so far.

1. There will be a massive Christmas tree.

2. You'll need to bring your own seating.

3. It will be subject to weather. (ie, if it rains, you might have to go home and throw on a Home Alone DVD).

Keep an eye on the FB page here for updates. 



16th December, 2017
Ticket Price
Maylord Shopping Centre Maylord Street, Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 2DT Get Directions, by car, or by public transport

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