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The S.F. Experience: The Fan Dance @ the Brecon Beacons


The S.F. Experience: The Fan Dance @ the Brecon Beacons

Okay, so you've watched that 'SAS: Are you tough enough?' programme on BBC, and, from the comfort of your sofa, muttered 'Yeh, I reckon I could do that' to your significant other.

Better yet, you might have said: 'That doesn't look that hard.'

Well, here's your chance to prove it. The S.F. Experience team specialise in recreating some of the more gruelling tasks faced by SF (special forces)  soldiers on selection. iN fact one of their staff - Colin Machlachlan - was actually on another of those 'SAS secrets'-style shows on Channel 5.

This challenge in particular lets you have a go at the notorious Fan Dance - a 24km up, down and up again hike on Pen-y-Fan that has become synonymous with SAS training on the Brecons.

Jurassic 5

The SF Experience team allow you to have a bash, in a safe, supervised but realistic environment.

From the organisers:

"It is now over 50 years old and still today forms the first major hurdle on Selection and is a major indicator of whether a potential UKSF soldier has the physical and mental determination to complete it within the cut off time set by the D.S (Directing Staff).

"Join the TSFE team to share our experiences from UKSF selection.

"Take yourself beyond what you perceive to be your limits, dust off your bergen and join the TSFE team as you are put through a series of events designed to give you a realistic snapshot of what is undeniably the toughest military course in the world – UKSF Selection."

Click here for more info. The SF Experience also run an event called the Dark Trail - which allows the hardy to take on the Fan Dance at night, testing your skills and your senses to the max. Click here to find out more about that event.

17th June, 2017
7.30 am - 5pm
Ticket Price
£40.36 - £73.84
Starts from: Pont Ar Daf Carpark Brecon LD3 8NL Get Directions, by car, or by public transport

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