Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

ZEV revealed today that they would finish the construction of their new 103,000-square-foot state-of-the-art EV production plant in Gilbert, Arizona, to better provide their electrification services for light and medium-duty fleet cars. The corporation is aiming for a December 1, 2021, move-in date.

ZEV collaborated closely with EastGroup Properties to design the building and production workflow to be able to maximize space as well as power efficiency while providing a cutting-edge work environment for ZEV workers, contractors, and partners. “We are delighted that ZEV has chosen Gilbert Crossroads as the location for their new headquarters, and we look forward to welcoming them to their new state-of-the-art production plant in December,” stated Mike Sacco, EastGroup Properties’ Vice President.  Gilbert Crossroads Business Park is a four-building, 318,000-square-foot business park owned and developed by EastGroup Properties.

ZEV’s location is well-positioned to take advantage of its affiliation with the ASU (Arizona State University) to expand its outstanding talent pool while forging new connections with Maricopa County Community Colleges and Grand Canyon University (GCU). “ZEV values the amazing talent that comes through these college programmes; we have over four grads who have filed patents in less than six months of development – that is rapid innovation,” stated ZEV President Jim Maury.

By the spring of 2022, ZEV plans to increase fleet vehicle conversion manufacturing to 40 vehicles per day. Over 300 new employments will be created in Gilbert and the surrounding area due to this expansion. ZEV has set aside 10,000 square feet to speed up the design, development, certification, and assembly of battery modules for fleet and passenger car applications. This will result in high-tech employment requiring knowledge of battery cell chemistries, packaging, control interfaces, and thermal management to maximize configurability, energy density and safety throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle.

“We are thrilled to welcome ZEV to Gilbert in a new stand-alone facility on Germann Road, which is 103,000 square feet! Over the following 12 months, ZEV wants to hire 300 local workers. We’re happy that ZEV picked Gilbert, and we’re excited to have them join Gilbert’s dynamic business community, “Gilbert City Mayor Brigette Peterson stated.

ZEV (Zero Electric Vehicles) is a company located in Arizona with a significant engineering background that aspires to be the global leader in electrification for medium and light-duty fleet vehicles. ZEV’s proprietary powertrain configuration (drive motor and batteries) and quick conversion comeback of existing fleet cars will speed up EV adoption worldwide and provide clients with the assistance infrastructure, fleet services, and understanding required to modify fleet operations to satisfy their sustainability goals. The core aim of ZEV is to promote EV involvement across the current automotive as well as mobility ecosystem and help fleets on their electrification journeys while scaling via democratized partnerships as well as making the EV “dream” accessible to all.