Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Already fully at the beginning of the campaign for ‘back to school’, where millions of children will return to classrooms, this fact implies a significant outlay for Spanish families every year . For this reason, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has launched a decalogue of tricks to get the maximum benefit from all the expenses that come on these days.

With an average cost of 500 euros per child, according to a recent study by the OCU , ‘going back to school’ is one of the amounts that represents the most in the dreaded September cost for households. And it is that after the summer comes the harsh return to normality, especially in a situation of economic crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Given that, the OCU wanted to throw a cable with a series of tips through which you can save and find the cheapest products to equip the little ones in the house in the best way. Everything, in order to reduce the aforementioned 500 euros that derive in 1,900 euros per child throughout the school year.

1. Review . On many occasions, backpacks or folders are bought that were already at home in good condition. Therefore, it is important to make a list of everything you need and cross out what is already in our possession.

2. Compare . Search, search and keep searching to find the desired product at the best possible price. With a wide range of stores, all books, cases, folders … can be found at the best possible price.

3. Sales . The weeks before the start of the school year are also for promotions in the different establishments. However, we should not go for that offer that seems like a bargain, but it will really give us something that we do not need and will entail an extra cost.

4. Collaborative consumption . In recent years, platforms have emerged to share uniforms that are no longer needed, books or notebooks from previous courses or materials that are outdated for one child but not for another. Looking for these places can greatly reduce the final amount of ‘back to school’.

5. Free books . Beyond collaborative consumption, several communities are implementing a free book program based on loan systems. Especially for Primary and Secondary students, finding a second-hand book in good condition can be the big bargain of September.

6. Library readings . Every course always has its recommended books. Readings that year after year are the same and for which it is not necessary to go to a bookstore to get hold of El Quijote , La Celestina or El Lazarillo de Tormes . In every library you will find these books that your neighbor, a friend or an interactive platform can also lend us.

7. Tablets are a new expense . New technologies have proliferated the shift from physical textbooks to digital formats. This means less weight for children in backpacks, but also an extra expense for parents when buying smart tablets. Finding the best value for money on the market is a key task to save.

8. Uniform or street clothes . It is proven that the uniform is an extra that represents around 170 euros of annual expense. However, schools where it is allowed to wear street clothes can also lead to significant amounts since more clothes are worn and it is a headache for parents to choose what to wear their children. Either way, you should buy clothes in a staggered way and as needed.

9. Buy without the kids . Shopping with a child is always an extra expense since they are easily infatuated with the latest product, the novelty of the drawings or the chocolate on duty. Fleeing these temptations reduces the purchase ticket, so it is better to go with the greatest responsibility and head to acquire all the products.

10. Savings equal to health . The last council of the OCU touches more the health issue than the economic one. Recess snack is a good time to apply fruit, healthy snacks, or milk to children instead of industrial pastries and sweetened beverages. Changing these habits will be good for your health as well as for your pocket.

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