Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

There are still four months to go to the end of 2021, and green issues already account for almost 90% of those made in all of 2020. Placements totaling 258.8 billion dollars have been made worldwide , 87% of the 297,000 million that were reached last year, according to data from the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI). More news on sustainability at theEconomist Sustainable Investment and ESG.

These figures correspond only to green bonds , that is, those that finance projects that benefit the environment, not social ones (aimed at solving problems related to health, employment or exclusion, for example) or sustainable ones (which combine characteristics of the previous two). The CBI data show a certain lag, so they probably do not include all the operations carried out to date either.

March and June were the most powerful months, with operations for more than 50,000 million
Everything indicates that 2021 will be, once again, a record year, as all the years have been since 2014, a year in which operations of this type were limited to 40,000 million (a figure that can currently be reached in a single month , as has happened in 2021, in March and in June).

Green placements continue to dominate the world market . In 2020, a total of $ 700 billion in green, social and sustainable bonds were issued around the globe. Most of them (41%) were green, 36% social and 23% sustainable.

Regarding the countries that issue the most climate debt, in 2020 the leaders in this regard were the United States (world leader, with 52.1 billion dollars issued in climate debt), Germany (with 42 billion dollars), France (with 37,000 million dollars). million) and China. Spain ranked eighth , with around $ 9 billion, according to CBI data. It remains to be seen in what position this country will remain this year, when it will issue its first sovereign green bond.

This operation, long awaited by the market, is imminent , since, as stated on July 28 by the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, will take place in September. Then, Calviño added that the Executive had already identified more than 13,600 million euros of eligible green spending to finance a “wide” variety of projects.

According to data from the Spanish Observatory for Sustainable Financing (Ofiso), sustainable placements (green, social and those properly called sustainable) shot up in Spain by 70% in the first half of the year compared to the same period of the previous year , up to 15,103 million euros. This data includes the issues of financial institutions and companies, those of the ICO and those of the autonomous communities. According to Ofiso’s calculations, one out of every 8 euros issued in this country in the first half of the year was already sustainable .

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