Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Banco Sabadell starts a new ERE that will include early retirement and a relocation plan. The entity has not specified the number of workers that could leave. On September 2, all the details of the file will be known. At the end of 2020, the entity has already agreed to leave 1,800 employees.

Banco Sabadell informed the unions this morning of its intention to initiate a new employment regulation file (ERE), which includes a mechanism for early retirement, incentivized leave and a social relocation plan “above market standards”. as reported by sources close to the negotiation to Europa Press .

The bank, which has also informed the workforce of its intention after meeting with the unions, has not specified the number of workers who could leave . The data could be provided at the next meeting with the unions, scheduled for this Thursday, as sources close to the bank have told Efe .

Layoffs are not ruled out
Sabadell’s will is that the ERE is based on early retirement and incentivized terminations, although dismissals are not ruled out if the exit figures proposed by the management are not reached.

However, the ERE will be accompanied by a relocation plan to help affected employees find another job, according to Efe .

Part of the strategic plan
This new ERE comes after the end of 2020, the entity chaired by Josep Oliu agreed with the unions to leave around 1,800 bank employees .

This new restructuring will be carried out in compliance with Banco Sabadell’s strategic plan approved last May to adapt the entity to the new economic scenario and address the challenges of digitization, and which contemplates a cost saving target of 100 million euros. recurring.

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