Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

A tweet led Simu Liu 2nd from the couch and shrimp snacks to save the world. “Ok Marvel, are we going to talk or what?” He wrote three years ago alongside the label of Shang Chi, the first Asian superhero that the multinational planned to bring to the screens.

Liu did not appear in any of the press lists but Kevin Feige, head of Marvel, read the message of a failed accountant and television actor with a few dozen followers.

With ten more pounds of muscle and hundreds of martial arts classes, Liu debuts ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ this week.

It’s the story of a guy who flees his country, calls himself Shaun to make it sound better, and works as a valet in San Francisco until his ruthless father returns to his life. Shaun and Liu share the uprooting. The second was born in Harbin.

The capital of the northern and icy Chinese province of Heilongjiang, and was raised by his grandparents until he was five years old. He recalls the confusion when his father came to meet him in China or met his mother at the Toronto airport. Also his trouble acclimatizing to a strange culture and language.

“It is the struggle of an Asian-American: you have facial features and you have been educated in a certain way and suddenly you find yourself with one foot in each culture and on each side of the planet,” he pointed out in an interview to the ‘inews’ portal.

He studied Finance at a prestigious university to meet parental expectations and ended up as an accountant at the prestigious Deloitte firm.

His life among numbers was as arid as it was fleeting. He was fired at nine months and undertook a job search without a compass that led to an ad looking for extras for a Guillermo del Toro film.

Then he played a stuntman, worked in advertising and made minor appearances until he landed the role of the disoriented son of a Korean emigrant family who runs a small grocery store in Canada. The five seasons of the series ‘Kim’s convenience’ aired on Netflix finally gave him the status he was looking.

Thanks to the cinema, Rajoy will be eternally linked to his damage to historical memory”
There has been talk about the Shang Chi project since Stan Lee proposed decades ago that Brandon Lee, son of the Bruce Lee myth, star it.

The new social sensibilities have shaped it years after Chadwick Boseman showed in ‘Black Panther’ that not only white people save the world. Liu has stubbornly defended the space of Asians in film.

He accused the Western scriptwriters of that series of neglecting his script suggestions, has come out against the cliché of the emasculated and weak Asian man on social media, has published essays on discrimination in the press and donated thousands of dollars to victims of violence. racist that Donald Trump encouraged when the coronavirus hit the United States.

Asian ‘whitening’ or role-playing by Caucasians cyclically decomposes the world’s most populous continent since John Wayne’s unlikely Genghis Khan. Many have wondered what the blonde Matt Damon painted on the Great Wall in the 11th century or why Scarlett Johansson starred in the adaptation of the famous manga ‘Ghost in the shell’.

The Asian demands lacked the media and social echo of black women until Hollywood needed the Chinese box office to balance its annual balance sheets. Shang-chi feels the paradigm shift: his absence of a mask to underline his features breaks with the casuistry of the superhero guild and Fu Manchu, a moldy stereotype of Asian villainy, has fallen from the original script.

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